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economy, then you're going to be shocked by the report "rolling stone" has for us tonight. that's coming up. also a shocking turn of events on the house floor as the house speaker brings crucial legislation to the floor and watches it go down in flames. i'll tell you why what's bad for john boehner is good for the country. >>> plus bailouts of struggling casinos? it is also something that is totally happening. we begin tonight with a truly rare bit of genuine progress from congress. excellent news that nonetheless has me seething with anger. here's what's happening that's great news and infuriating. making sure 11 million immigrants are given a road to citizenship is trying to pass a bill by a huge margin in the senate. they are called the gang of eight and the reason they think they need the huge margin victory is to put pressure on house speaker john boehner to bring the legislation to the house floor even though it it will almost certainly not have the support of a majority of house republicans. so that's the game plan. the goal is get 70 votes in the senate, a goal that has seemed, w
economies in terms of -- because they need europe to be able to take their stuff. watch for china -- i don't know who's really running that country, but i can tell you this, their deceleration in economics is just incredible. it's not bringing us down. >> china may go down below 7%, 6% growth this err year. we are right now the tallest building in elmira, new york. >> it's the shung kamao bank. >> how do you know about elmira, new york? >> i come to play. >> you do come to play. we may be the tallest building in elmira, new york, but people keep buying the dollar. what are you going to do? go to europe? go to china? they're all train wrecks wait to go happen. >> you can't feed china. that's a big issue. 700,000 recespiratory deaths la year. let's go to john meacham. speaking of smoking, he smokes way too much. john, you look at europe, the g-8, they were all lecturing president obama three years ago. sarkozy, where is he now? who knows? he's probably staying at your place in the south of france. >> oh, no, unh-unh. >> but united states is in this strange position of just sort of crawling a
the economy has not recovered from the collapse that wall street caused in housing and other areas. we had recreational vehicles industries gone. we had some high tech that's moved on. we had a lot of construction, home building, lumber, wood products pretty much decimated. the rural areas i have in my rural counties, unemployment over 20%. people are struggling to make ends meet, and we're going to cut their benefits. they want to work. some of them are working, and we even have a higher minimum wage than some states, but it still won't get you through the end of the month for your family. now, this is just outrageous. there are ways to cut this bill. we're going to stop paying finally at last, we are going to stop people not to grow things. we are going to have a new program of crop insurance and some estimates are this program which goes to anybody with an unlimited income, if you're a corporate farm and has $2 million, government will pay 80% for your crop insurance, 80% subsidies. why is that? we could cut this and -- if you earn a quarter of a million dollars a year, go buy your own
, dana, you would think maybe he would talk about the global economy because, you know, germany's still very much struggling with its economy. it's so much tied to the united states. why not talk about that? >> well, it's hard to imagine it's not going to be at a least implicit in his speech. but one of the things that people may not know about president obama is that when he was here in the capital, when he was senator obama, that issue, the nuclear issue, was something on the top of his priority list. in fact, when he was campaigning in 2008 and making the point when he got to the general election that he could work across the aisle with republicans. one of the examples he could give is working with former indiana republican on the nuclear issue. that they even traveled together on it. this is actually something, he wasn't here very long as a senator. he didn't even finish his first term, but this is something when he was here briefly he did focus on. the other quick thing i want to point out, gloria talking about the big crowd of 2008 and the much smaller crowd here now that he's pre
.s. economy, but there would be a road map for when they would stop doing that. the u.s. economy was strong enough to get on its own two feet and unemployment rate got back 7%. take their foot off the accelerator is the way the fed chief put it. overnight, world markets started to react saying all the markets that had benefitted from the big flood of fed money into the world economy and all markets having a pull back to what would be the reality when the fed is not in the game. you see the dow down about 69 points right now and down 72. we'll continue to watch. we have seen triple-digit declines the last six or seven days in a row, carol. >> then it goes right back up. such a weird thing. >> very volatile and i'll let you know how this is playing out and whether they can absorb it all right today. >> thank you, christine. >>> other stories we're covering this morning. senate negotiators are expected to announce a deal today on an immigration reform bill that would increase border security as cnn first reported yesterday. the plan would double the number of patrol officers from the current l
has resulted in a significant boost for the local economy, especially for the travel industry, the leisure industry, restaurants, for example. shops. i'm proud to have worked on taiwan's entry into the visa waiver program because i know that as a result of this agreement taiwanese americans in southern california have a much easier time staying connected to their families. mr. speaker, as the number of visitors from taiwan has grown exponentially, there is an urgent need to ensure that taiwan has real time access to air safety information. strengthening air safety benefits american citizens as much as it does the taiwanese. every year tens of thousands of americans fly through taiwan's airspace which must be as safe as it can be, and this bill will certainly help. just as taiwan was allowed to join the world health organization as a result of the sars outbreak, so should taiwan be afforded the opportunity to observe the proceedings of the i.k.o. we all share the responsibility to ensure that international air travel be safe. taiwan's unique political status has thus far hinder
, hiring police officers and hiring firefighters. and it comes back to the economy. and if the sequester cuts are not done effectively and accurately, it's going to affect us on the streets where main street lives. >> so this may be an area where republicans and democrats, mayors from across the country will agree this weekend, but what can you all do about it? i mean, what kind of influence can you have? what can you accomplish with this meeting? >> well, i think congress listens to what mayors have to say, but, you know, congress is not necessarily a functional legislative body to begin with. so sometimes on some issues, i'm not sure our voices is as loud as it could be or received as loudly as it should be. but, you know, people live in cities. and i think they look at city government right now as being stronger and stronger and a more vital part of our economy than ever before. cities are where the jobs are being created. it's where the growth in our national economy is going to have to take place in we are going to continue to build this country. >> and finally, before you go, you a
we've got to get the economy jumpstarted and back on track in a manner that is sustainable for the programs that we all care about. one of of the ways to clearly do that at the -- at the cbo has indicated, and this is a nonpartisan operation, is to pass copperheads if immigration reform that provides an additional piece of evidence as to why this is so significant for us to get done and to get done sooner rather than later. ,ost: congressman jeffreys what is another issue, before we go to calls, that you focus on or that you think the congress should be addressing? i think we have to do with the gun violence problem we have in america. it is, katie, i understand that, but certainly as americans focus on the problem, and the aftermath of the tragedy in newtown, connecticut, the issue that we confront in the district, i represent a very urban district that has several neighborhoods in east new york,: the island, brownsville, that in the last several decades have gunrienced issues in violence. almostevery reagan, -- every weekend, there is an issue that has resulted from an il
of money they're pumping into the economy each month. >> we will ease the pressure on the accelerator by gradually reducing the pace of purchases. >> reporter: the second, overnight thursday, bad news from china. manufacturing production fell for the first time in eight months. a sign that one of the world's most powerful economies isn't growing as fast as it had been. the pros on wall street say this was bound to happen after months of gains and record highs. and in fact, the fed pulling back might be a good sign that the economy's getting better. >> there is no fear. there is no panic that's going on. but i think we do know that it's going to be a nice slow, orderly process to see if our economy can stand on its own again. >> reporter: that doesn't make yesterday any prettier, and stocks were only part of it. a metal meltdown. 2 1/2-year lows for gold and silver. gold, the shelter from the storm in the recession, is dropping like a rock, losing a quarter of its value to far this year. don't be too afraid to peek at your 401(k). even after yesterday's dramatic drop, the dow was up mo
in the local economy generated by the store and new jobs it creates. it has a multiplier effect. to know that this works, we need to look at pennsylvania. a similar program that began there in 2004 resulted in 88 projects being built or renovated in underserved urban and rural communities across the state. today, more than 5,000 jobs have been created and i know we all want to create jobs, and 400,000 people now have increased access to healthy foods. 30 million invested by the state has resulted in projects totalling more than $190 million. the pennsylvania program success rate has been better than the grocery industry overall. federal, state and many city governments are enacting legislation and policies to attract healthy food retail. this is tremendous momentum around the country right now to bring grocery stores to places that need them. also a diverse group of nearly 100 stakeholders support this bill, including policy link, the food trust, the national grosser's association and newly rouse agricultural, civil rights support this bill. the senate supports this -- the senate has rec
that it would be good for dairy farmers in the northeast who are such an important part of our economy. but i cannot and i will not support this farm bill as it is currently written. i cannot support a bill that cuts the snap program by $20.5 billion. i cannot support a bill that will force two million americans to lose their benefits. i cannot support a bill that throws over 200,000 american children off the free school breakfast and lunch program. in short, i cannot support a bill that will make hunger in america even worse than it already is. right now as we speak, as we gaggetser here, there are -- as we gather here, there are 50 million hungry americans, 17 million of them are children. many of them work but do not earn enough to make ends meet. all of us, every single one of us in this chamber should be ashamed by those numbers. food is not a luxury. it is a basic necessity. but there isn't a single congressional district in america that is hunger-free. ending hunger in america used to be a bipartisan issue. to my republican friends i say, remember the work of people like bob dole and b
over the top eight economies will discuss issues. western lea leaders will likely clash with president putin who has begun arming the syrian government. here is what president obama said after the two heavyweights met for the first time in a year today. >> obama: we do have differing perspectives on problems but we share an interest in reducing the violence ensuring that chemical weapons are neither used or they subject to proliferation, and we want to try to resolve the issue through political means if possible. >> michael: i'm wearing a tie, they are at the g-8 summit they are not just saying. it is being reported that the us and uk spied on foreign officials. president obama might have a lot to explain to his foreign counterparts this week. back at home his approval ratings are the lowest in the last year and a half. for the first time in his presidency, half of americans don't see president obama as honest and trust-worthy. here toe talk about the implications of all of this is democratic strategist peter fenn. he joins us from washington. peter
must work together to create jobs, to strengthen the middle class and to grow the economy. our -- yet once again republicans refuse to listen. instead we are debating legislation that endangers women's health and that disrespects the judgment that the american women and their doctors on how to make judgments about women's health. this bill would deny care to women in the most desperate circumstance. sad and desperate circumstances. it is yet another republican attempt to endanger women. it is disrespectful to women. it is unsafe for families and it is unconstitutional. at the start of the congress, the republicans take great pride, and we join them in that pride in reading the constitution, start to finish. it's a great day. it's a great document. but then the republicans proceed to ignore it. one example, this clearly unconstitutional bill. each day republicans claim they want to reduce the role of government except when it comes to women's most personal decisions about their reproductive health. leading groups of medical professionals and experts across the country believe that this
is because ben bernanke said we might taper back from this printing. >> we might end it if the economy gets better. i don't believe they're really going to do this. >> steve: you don't? >> no. i don't think ben bernanke will be replaced by janet yellen who is into printing money. i think they will not allow the obama economy to rest on its own. they will keep printing money to keep this feeble economy. if you stop printing money, then all the impact of obamacare, higher taxes, all the regulations that this president has imposed, those chickens come home to roost and forget about the 3% growth. we'll have 1% growth if we're lucky. >> steve: we probably have 3% growth because of this printing of the money. >> right. >> steve: i know you don't think it will happen any time soon. but if it did happen next month what, would happen? >> if he stopped printing money next month, the market would go down to 12,000. i've been on tho thank show and i said if he keeps printing money, there is no stopping it. >> steve: you say 20,000? >> if he keeps printing, dow 20,000 in the next couple years is feasib
are children. they are seniors, disabled. so it is a very serious issue. people are struggling in this economy for their survival. we have high unemployment, wages down. income has not increased. why do we want to take this moment and throw more people into poverty and increase hunger? it does not make sense. in the past, there has been a bipartisan coalition. they came together around the issue of hunger, and addressing that issue. this farm bill woodcut $21 billion in the nutrition program, in the food stamp program. it would throw 2 million people off of the program. one million of whom are children. because there is a link between the program and school lunch, school breakfast,, that means over 200,000 youngsters will be kicked off the program. it is not right. host: here are details about snap, the supplemental assistance program, also known as food stamps. these numbers come from march of this year. that is 23 million households. $75 billion in total last year. in terms of what people get, it ,s $133 on average per person $270 per average per household. we see the number at 47.7 million
program. after a two-day policy meeting wednesday the fed updated the outlook for the economy and bernanke said that's why the fed will most likely slow down its stimulus program. >> the committee currently anticipates it would be appropriate to moderate the monthly purchases later this year and if the subsequent data remain broadly aligned with current expectations for the economy, we would continue to dries the pace of purchases in measured steps through the first half of next year, ending purchases around mid-year. >> bernanke also expects the unemployment rate to fall to 6.8% by the end of 2014. on wall street bernanke's words spooked investors. the dow dropped 206 points and the nasdaq fell 31 points. >>> tokyo's nikkei dropped nearly 2%. hong kong's hang seng lost nearly 3%. >>> well, the irs is caught in another controversy. the agency says it's has to pay $70 million in union bonuses. some republicans want the irs to follow a white house directive and cancel them. in april the obama administration ordered all agencies to stop handing out bonuses bought of automatic spending cuts. >
that pitted him against his unlikely challenger in 2014. tough economy, we're talking about jobs in the state here. you're talking about somebody who molloy has made clear he might have his eye on the national stage a little bit. he has to get by in 2014. how does this issue affect him with perry coming in and maybe losing gun jobs a little bit. >> it's a choice he's going to have to make. between jobs and votes, really. when it comes down to it. i think he wins on the vote side. the national attention on this issue and at least in the northeast, perry will be vilified. i would love to see him meet up with chris christie. >> nobody is going to say that this year. >> it's a delicate balance that he's going to have to walk. i'm sure the nra is going to be going after him should some of these manufacturers leave. so, it's clearly an important calculation for perry to strengthen his national credential. ultimately i think molloy will be fine because he'll be fine on this issue and he'll bet support from around the country. >> i wonder how the et voers in connecticut would feel about it because th
relentlessly pumping into the economy. >> based on its review of recent economic and financial developments, we see the economy starting to go at a greater pace. >> in the world of the federal reserve thatasses for tony soprano-style drama. stewart varney, the anchor of varney and company. explain what ben bernanke said and why it got such a reaction. >> reporter: ben bernanke threatened to take away the biggest economic stimulus program we have got going for us right now. at the moment ben is printing a trillion dollars a year. he's threatening to reduce that to zero as the mid of next year. the immediate result is bad news for homeowners because interest rates are going up. home buyers. it will be tough to get a reasonably priced mortgage. and your 401k goes down. president obama is stuck. this stimulus has been taken away. he's got obama-care which has been labeled a train wreck. ben is likely to take away a very good stimulus program. martha: we will final out if this improving economy is a emperor with no clothes. what is that going to mean for everybody out there? >> you are asking the qu
. the president's approval rating on the economy in this poll is 42 approve, 57 disapprove, and as you know a lot of young people are getting out of school and not being able to find a job, and a large number of kids who get out of college are moving back in with their families. i think this is more than just nsa, it may be the economy, it may be the overall perception of the president. the other interesting note in the poll was that for the first time he was viewed by the american people as not honest and trustworthy. 49% said that phrase applies to him. 50% says it does not a my to him. that could be another thing, because young people had such -- he was such an aspirational figure to younger voters and younger americans and if there is agreeing perception that he's not shooting straight with him, that he's not honest and trustworthy that could be very close not only among young people but among all voters. jon: isn't that perhaps the bigger problem i mean for him? because it's one thing to have your job approval rating kind of bounce up and down, but once you are perceived as not necessarily t
year and they're concerned what the fed is going to do when they stop supporting the economy probably some time into next year. you'll see this gut check where people are taking money off the table. >> christine romans reporting live from new york city, thank you. >>> six women, six women, just women would decide the fate of george zimmerman and remember race could be a key factor to this case. five of thez women jurors are white. one is described as hispanic or black. opening statements now set for monday. also, today the judge will rule on a controversial voice analysis of the screams heard on this 911 call. >> does he loohurt to you? >> i can't see him. i don't want to go out there. i don't know what's going on. >> do you think he's yelling help? >> yes. >> all right. what is your -- >> all right, you heard the screams in the background. the prosecution wants to show it was trayvon martin's voice. if so, that could hurt zimmerman's self-defense claim in shooting zimmerma eme eme em was unarm aed. >>> also new information this morning in the sudden death of james gandolfini. hotel s
weakness, and that's a weakness that will remind us that the actual economy doesn't support much higher interest rates like we had overnight, even though, ultimately, i know they will go higher. see, but this is what's been so unreal about this whole run-up in rates that's caused the stock market to get hit -- it hasn't been justified by the data. and i think monday, we will find it still isn't. thank heavens for bernanke, because if he had listened to the endless chattering hawks in the fed, i know we'd get a hideous number. all the numbers would be hideous. it's just always worth reminding, worth reminding everyone that bernanke's done amazing work, even as all i ever hear is that he's over his head or this must end badly. have you looked around at the world's other economies? we're doing better than everyone else on the globe, in part because our chief executive officers have done an excellent job in a global slowdown, but also because of exactly what bernanke's doing. this bond program has probably allowed you and other americans refi their home and companies fix their balance sheet
to show weakness, and that's a weakness that will remind us that the actual economy doesn't support much higher interest rates like we had overnight, even though, ultimately, i know they will go higher. see, but this is what's been so unreal about this whole run-up in rates that's caused the stock market to get hit -- it hasn't been justified by the data. and i think monday, we will find it still isn't. thank heavens for bernanke, because if he had listened to the endless chattering hawks in the fed, i know we'd get a hideous number. all the numbers would be hideous. it's just always worth reminding, worth reminding everyone that bernanke's done amazing work, even as all i ever hear is that he's over his head or this must end badly. have you looked around at the world's other economies? we're doing better than everyone else on the globe, in part because our chief executive officers have done an excellent job in a global slowdown, but also because of exactly what bernanke's doing. this bond program has probably allowed you and other americans refi their home and companies fix their balanc
a rational and positive immigration program will choke this economy. it's not a good idea. >> it will be good for every worker here. every day we wait is a day we've lost. >> how about that? youhen the is the last time saw those two on the same page? >> i think it was the united way mable for the nationals redskins parade and that's it. >> quite bluntly to put it in political terms. the senator from arizona says this makes it difficult for republicans to compete nationwide and state by state. it's tough to compete for people's votes on any issue when they believe you don't like them and that's where the republicans are right now. and john boehner has a real problem because you saw what they did last week. with steve cain in the lead from iowa they repealed the dream act which is enormously popular and hurt republicans in the 2012 election and i don't think it argues well for the immigration in the house. >> you don't think this thing is going to make it? >> right now i think what boehner wants to do is get the house judiciary committee to break it up bit sizes to pass something so he doesn't
and economy. it also will protect families and farmers. families are already having enough trouble making ends meet. mr. gibbs: this amendment will help bring down prices for our constituents by providing more opportunity to dairy farmers. it will save taxpayers dollars. this amendment saves taxpayers another $15 million on top of the savings in the underlying bill. every penny counts. this amendment will create a better and more market driven policy for our farmers. supply management is not the way to go. i support the amendment. i yield back. the chair: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. the gentleman from minnesota has two minutes remaining. mr. peterson: i yield myself the balance of the time. the chair: the gentleman is recognized. mr. peterson: hasegawa been said, we have been working on this for four years. clearly the current policy doesn't work because we got all this volatility. if you adopt this goodlatte-scott amendment, you will continue to have that volatility. those people concerned about the price of milk, when we had high prices, the processors raised the price
it is a very serious issue. people are struggling in this economy. wages are down, incomes have not increased. why do we want to take this moment and throw more people into poverty? and increased hunger? it does not make sense. in the past, there's been a , bob dole coalition and george mcgovern came together all -- around the issue of hunger. $21 farm bill would cut billion in the nutrition program and the food stamp program. 2 million people off of the program, one million of whom are children. and because there is a link between the program, that means over 200,000 youngsters will be kicked off of the program. it is not right. host: here are some details. commerce mental or old mentioned over 47 lead people are on food stamps. that is 22 million households across over six $.3 billion. that is certifiably dollars in total for last year. $133 on average per month per person. $234 average monthly per 274 per month rea. guest: that has been a driver and a genus of the food stamps program is the number of people who participate go up when times are bad and when times are good the numbers go dow
says if the reform bill passes, it would boost the economy and cut the federal deficit by $200 billion in the next decade. but now there are fears it may not happen at all. our political director john dickerson is in washington. john, good morning. >> reporter: morning, charlie. >> so what's the impact of this cbo report? >> reporter: well, i think for those who are pushing comprehensive immigration reform, it's a second big argument for them. they've been making the moral case that the immigration system has to be fixtured. now they can make an economic case that it's actually good for the economy. and critics, though, of this have seen a kind of push to get this bill rammed through. and so a lot of conservatives think that cbo is kind of tweaking the numbers here. they don't believe this will be good for the economy at all. >> john, what does it portend for the future of the immigration bill in the house when a key committee just passed a bill that would make it a federal crime to be in the united states illegally? >> reporter: the central tension to watch in this bill is between get
our heritage, our hunting and fishing traditions and all the sustainable economy that comes from that on something that's speculative? it doesn't make sense from a dollars and cents standpoint. >> reporter: now, the blm is still allowing public comment on its decisions through the end of this month. jenna? jenna: a story to watch, alicia, thank you. jon: so the clock is ticking on passing immigration reform in congress. could a security surge on the border be enough to silence the critics of this bill in congress? we'll ask one of the so-called gang of eight senators who is pushing immigration reform, john mccain of arizona. >> the facts are that 11 million people live in the shadows, and they live here in de facto amnesty, and by god, they are being exploited every single day. jon: "happening now," maybe call it the border surge. two republican senators hoping that a plan to boost border security with double the agents, a 700-mile fence and the use of drones will push a bipartisan bill on immigration across the finish line in the senate and also garner the support needed in the
. it is great, the printing machine, when the economy of it works, the best place for print on demand machine is as close to the customer as it can possibly be. theoretically speaking the best place for print on demand machine is in every retail store. that is in a pure theory because then you have no cost of shipping, no time of shipping call all that. we have a really long way to go on technology before that is of interest and we again, behind closed doors when we look at that decision, we actually worry about it. to facilitate a print on demand machine and it gets robust enough, on the corner, that machine, so is everybody else, and if that is actually healthy for our retail environment, you know, it is healthy -- we need to have bookstores. we need to have places where they are about books and have the machine in the quarter that will actually facilitate that. we have that as the concern, something we should -- one of many decisions, we should facilitate this, do as much as possible, some retail bookstores really want it, some independent bookstores really want the machine, should we faci
is drowning in debt. i reject the implication that our economy is doing better because life is good on wall businesses small across this country are crumbling on main street. our country can do better than this massive sovereign debt, this expanding welfare state, just drift toward socialized medicine that is modeled after modern western europe. we can do better, and we must. and starting today, we got to start the fight to regain those values. let me close with this. , wee fight for our country need to do it with joy. thatarty has frankly lost example of the happy warrior. ronald reagan died a little less than a decade ago, and sometimes i fear with his passing we have forgotten that conversations should come with a smile. ought to be our code. our conviction and passion compassion, not content or anger or fear mongering. we stand for the principles that made america great, and we should exude those principles with joy. smile when you disagree with a liberal. [laughter] , and as ronald reagan once said, liberals know so much that is not so. [laughter] [applause] so we need to be strong, co
recently passed $1 trillion. >> this, in turn come a ways on the economy as a whole. can you explain how the cfpb has approached this critical issue. >> i would prefer that in our office. we handle our student loan initiatives and i would say that it is one of the areas that we are very proud of in terms of the activities that we have proceeded with. but he is much more adept at answering those questions. >> thank you. going back to the financial question is part of my colleagues. they have argued that the cfpb should be subject to ensure greater accountability for the agency. this is despite the fact that congress has consistently provided for independent funding for other bank regulators. in your own personal view, can you tell me how likely you could explain why congress gave all the bank regulators independent funding, and to what extent is it important for a regulator with responsibility for examining large institutions with stable and consistent funding. >> congressman, i think that your last point is the point that having that stable funding allows us to focus on our mission. it a
the rally and what is happening in china. it is the world's second largest economy. it is a fact and this sounds familiar for all of us in the united states, they have a shadow banking system there. just thinks of trillions of dollars of loans, that are shams built on a foundation of lies. the central bank has essentially created a liquidity crunch. it is hard to borrow money in china and that has investors worried about keeping growth in china is difficult. that's the reason you saw the selloff here in the united states. >> we reported on the volatileitty. it was the 10th day in the past month in which the dow moved more than 200 points in one session. prior to that it happen four times in one year. >> the bank and lenders and uncle sam were not the only players in the stock market collapse. bombshell e-mails reportedly she how two credit rating agency exchanged cash in green lights for risky practices that got us in this mess. it is a report in rolling stone magazine. they rate the credit of the big cooper rayings of the country and united states and anything that takes on debt
important to our economy. they involve public policy issues that range from jobs to the internet. many people are interested in following our trade policies and they need to have enough information to be able to offer real input into the process. i think the trade representative needs to be committed to transparency and democracy. last week i asked mr. froman if he would commit to making public the bracketed text for the trance pacifitrance pa -- transc partnership. i asked him to provide more information about what trade advisors were receiving what information. each request that i made about commitment to public revealing information, he answered with a "no." so i rise to repeat my opposition to mr. froman's nomination as the next u.s. trade representative. we need a new direction from the trade representative, a direction that prioritizes transparency and public debate. i urge a "no" vote. mr. hatch: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from utah. mr. hatch: mr. president, i've seen a lot of people come and go -- a senator: the senate's not in order. the presiding offic
we did nothing in the face of real threats to our security and our economy. >>brian: shortly after president obama's state of the union address his administration freed 2,000 of the most dangerous illegal aliens detained in u.s. jails. one film says we won't find the answer in d.c. so he went to the u.s.-mexican border to prove it. >> we've got units now. everybody's lights on. he is pushing them. he is pushing them north. [music] >> 60-plus. it's plenty busy. >>brian: joining us is the director of "they come to america ii." dennis, you went back to do a follow-up on your first. why? >> i knew what the truth was, and i didn't feel as if i got it right the first time. i had to get it right the second time. i got it right. everything that you have been seeing on television -- everything -- is wrong compared to what it is you'll see in this film. it's because you would never send your cameraman where it is that i go. everything is coming through that border, brian. and when i say everything, i'm talking about terror at its worst level. that's coming from a guy who witnessed 9/11 first
programs in place to support the economy. stocks closed higher yesterday. that could change as investors find out whether or not, fed chair, ben bernanke will scale back on the $85 billion in bond purchases to hold down loan rates. >> wind whipped wildfire burning close to hundreds of homes north of phoenix. the fire started near prescott, wind gusts 22 miles an hour pushing that fire to 200 acres within an hour. residents told to evacuate. others told to be ready in case. >> things are heating up in brazil where anti-government protesters have been clashing with riot police. an estimated 240,000 protesters took to the streets in ten cities across brazil. anger fueled over government corruption, high taxes and the country any notoriously poor infrastructure despite an economic boom. >> a look at your weather -- stormy day in the pacific northwest. hot, dry in the southwest. strong winds for arizona and new mexico. pleasant day in the northeast. low humidity and bright blue skies. >> 90 or above for the south. north dakota to oklahoma. eastward. 60s for anchorage, portland, seattle. >> sc
growing economies in the world, to help solve local food emergencies. i urge my colleagues to support this amendment. thank you. the chair: the gentlewoman's time has expired. the gentleman from oklahoma is recognized. mr. lucas: mr. chairman, i yield to the gentleman from tennessee, mr. fincher, one minute. mr. chairman, how much time do i have remaining? the chair: the gentleman from oklahoma has 2 1/2 minutes remaining. mr. lucas: i yield to the gentleman from tennessee. the chair: the gentleman from tennessee is recognized for one minute. mr. fincher: thank you, mr. speaker. i rise in opposition to this amendment. this amendment favors our foreign competitors over american-grown products, american-grown industries and jobs filled by americans. unlike foreign aid programs, the food for peace program is america made through and through and is tied to approximately 44,000 american jobs in the agriculture, transportation and maritime industries. an american is employed in every step of the process of the food for peace program. americans grow the crops, the commodities are processed a
had to say. >> he said the economy is getting better, that means the fed will stop all the stimulus. not right now but eventually. dow futures down 80 points, big sell-off yesterday, the dow, nasdaq, s&p all swooning by more than 1%. the dow was down 206 points. fed reserve chairman ben bernanke said the fed was prepared to "taper" its purchases of bonds as the economy improves. he signaled the stimulus program could end by next year, that could raise your borrowing costs, you would feel it. >>> a stunning turnaround for general motors for the first time j.d. power and associates says gm is the car company with the best quality. all four gm brands were ranked above the industry average. gm filed for bankruptcy back in 2009 so this is a milestone for general motors. >>> a faster version of wifi is on the way t will allow to you transfer, imagine this, a high definition movie to a tablet in less than four minutes. the samsung galaxy s4 and routers from cisco will be among the first to use this new high speed wifi. apple says its future products will use the faster network, full movie,
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to jamal, the economy is picking up but frankly, it is not picking up as fast in other parts of the country. if you really look at the environment is really kind of -- making this close. but again he's got a very strong case to make about budget reform. school reform. obviously gun violence reform which you know, he's delivered. >> bill: his response to hurricane sandy, he was right on it. >> that's actually where he scores the highest marks. this guy has strong leadership skills. >> so important when it comes time for a chief executive. he seems like he's kind of working from the heart. he seems like one of these guys speaking from the heart and doing what he thinks and feels right thing to do. people respond to that in the end. >> bill: two talkers here. you can get a word in edgewise here on the phone at 1-866-55-press. on twitter at bpshow and on facebook at gentlemen, president obama in europe yesterday. and he got a little -- you know, little flak on the news about nsa here in this country. got a little flak of all places, in germany about this. david lette
and says the fed is go ease up on buying bonds. the reason is because the economy is getting strong enough to stand on it's own. if the economy is better, why would the market tank like this? >> people don't ever want to think, you know what, i can do better in bonds than stocks. a lot of people are hiding in stocks. good dividends, good yield. the bond market is safer so they're selling stocks to buy bonds and people who are in bonds are freaking out too because they think the fed is no longer going to support them. there's uncertainly everywhere. >> the bigger picture here, it's about interest rates. historically low for a long time and now interest rates are going to go up. do you think right now, if your opinion, is the economy strong enough right now to with stand the concept of money getting more expensive. >> yes. yes, it is. doesn't seem like it because we don't have the employment growth we want but at the same time we have a lot of industries doing really strong. i wish our foreign trading partners -- i wish china was doing better, and europe was doing better. we're the strongest
of which said let's stop talking about abortion and rape and start talking about jobs and the economy. and yet here we go. what is the house voting on? you cover it. this is their bill. >> they have a few things on the agenda. that is one of their prime legislative items. i think it will be later today or tomorrow. >> bill: so how does this -- again, i agree with you. we're not debating abortion here right? let's talk about the tactics of it. how does this expand the base and the outreach of the republican party? >> two women it doesn't -- to women, it doesn't help. >> bill: anybody they don't already have. >> especially when it comes to -- you know, when you're working on bills like this and it leads to moments that we heard from the arizona congressman with the rape and the pregnancy. >> when you have a full plate you make it fuller then there starts to be what i think of as seepage. meaning as you're trying to make the deal for a very important complicated bill like immigration, when you go talk to someone, if you're a whip or one of the lawmakers then you know. you have to say i c
immigration enriches our economy and pat ramone or not? are you trying to get in "time" magazine, like chuck schumer, this week is the master deal-maker. do you sell out the public policy interest to the country? >> the real practical question, we have been talking about immigration reform now for so long. we have seen it die in congress before. we watched it die six or seven years ago. roberto, to hear you talk about all the imperfections of this bill, they are glaring, absolutely. i mean, we call these things compromise. part of compromise, there are awful things that get in these bills. i wonder at this point, is it something you would say, sink this bill over, for instance, the -- not the cornyn amendment but -- like rubio -- >> the overall legislation, as rick said, is very represses ive in its essence. the gang of eight, bipartisan consensus, will do nothing, absolutely nothing, to ameliorate the worst parts of immigration policy as far as persecuting, prosecuting, jailing, deporting, rating, terrorizing, killing immigrants. nothing except add $6 billion to increase border enforcement,
make a good business decision. we wonder why our economy is struggling. we punish the wrong thing and reward the wrong thing. get rid of the irs. get rid of the 16th amendment. get the fair tax. that way you pay at the point of consumption, not at the point of productivity which is something we ought to encourage people to do is be productive. >> which could would be fairer. the congressman com use racism by using the face of terrorists in antiterrorist campaign. is it really racist? and are they only choosing particular terrorists to focus on? >> tucker: who needs a water slide when you can do this? the story behind this video he coming up. ♪ ♪ when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals: help the gulf recor, and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i've been with bp for 24 years. i was part of the team that helped deliver on our commitments to the gulf - and i can tell you, safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge safety equipment and technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-
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